Identifying the ‘missing’ identity in their digital landscape to reach their business goals

Over 50 years ATG Europe has been doing business in the space industry.
Developing new and innovative products, providing engineering solutions and consultancy.

Corporate Website & Recruitment Website
My role
  • Creative session
  • Style discovery
  • Strategy
  • Webdesign
  • Development

BackgroundAccelerating Innovation

The story of ATG Europe began in Germany in 1969 with a company called IKO Software Solutions, or IKOSS, the company was founded by three Norwegians. In cooperation with the University of Stuttgart, IKOSS started the development and commercialisation of a software solution for finite elements systems, while also supplying engineering and software consultancy services.

I helped ATG Europe discovering their identity through a creative session, making stylescapes, making a styleguide and developing two websites

ResearchJust by saying you are innovative, does not mean you are!

Together we drilled down to discover and define the real core identity values during a creative session. I organized a workshop and invited multiple stakeholders from different departments to cover and determine all facets that influence the imago of the company.


Creative session 

During the creative session i focussed on six key questions that help to really understand and discover the values of ATG Europe.

  • Who is ATG?
  • Who really needs ATG?
  • Why they want ATG?
  • The main reason for existence of ATG?
  • When do the clients & the ATG website meet?
  • What fits ATG?

A Hero’s Journey

The key values discovered 


ATG Europe is bold and daring. They are willing to travel into the unknown not taking a familiar path. More Elon Musk than André Kuipers.


ATG Europe is a reliable partner for its clients. They deliver results on time, communicatie on a personal level and work in a transparent way.


ATG Europe is innovative. They constantly improve their technologies and services offerings both for clients as well as the products they develop themselves.

During the workshop i identified that the story that ATG Europe tells is not the one of a hero, but the one of a mentor.  They support the hero’s call of their clients. This gave a new perception and strategy about their communication strategy.


of content should focus on the clients, their needs, questions and worries.


of content should focus on why ATG are the best fit for them

Visual explorationsStrategy

After the discovering real values and identity of ATG europe i designed three viable design explorations to determine the creative bandwidth by using stylescapes.



Negotiating and exploring with visualsinteraction

Stylescapes are a perfect way to align the stakeholders with your design vision. By making the designs tangable and negotiating the design directions directly with the client something magical happens.

Clients get excited, inspired and enter the design process as an active participant. We chose one stylescape as a basis and we mixed elements from others. 

The chosen direction


Creating ingredients and structureDevelopment

With the new direction there was a need to create ingredients and give structure by making a guideline for expanding and maintaining the design voice. when creating content in the future. As a final result i delivered: 


A brand guide

By creating a simple but clear guide about the core design choices other formatted communication products will portray a consistent design language

Making a image database

ATG Europe had a good quality of images for the more physical parts of their products, but with alot of service it is hard to make original attractive imagery that inspires.

Therefore a curated selection of stock imagery was proposed and edited to fit the services.


The End result

Corporate versus Recruitment


Impressive video opening with a bold statement to attract and intrigue


Creating a sense of personal interaction


Integrating their own products as a styling componentaaa


Using alot of unique and interesting imagery to highlight the innovation and size


Creating a sense of size and relevance


Validating by showing partnerships


Direct shortcut to vacancies


Making it approachable and lower the threshold


Tackling uncertainties by answering possible doubts or thoughts


Creating micro conversion possibilities


Using social proof and use cases to stimulate thought of possibilities


Multiple call to action for the different target audiences

A new found identity, that shows the real ATG

A great foundation to grow and expand on for maybe another 50 years

Let’s discover possibilities that maybe even reach to the stars