Creating a brand to fight for

Battle League is a new local kickboxing gala with aspirations.

Kicking the competition
My role
  • Branding
  • Art direction
  • Webdevelopment

BackgroundRespect all, fear none

Kickboxing or most fightsports have been plagued with a negative imago in the Netherlands. Two boxing clubs wanted to show that a kickboxing gala can be accesible for all people, but still have a “tough”  vibe without triggering the negative stereotype thoughts. 

I developed an imago which portraited strength, enough coolness but still maintained accesibility.


Design directionAttract and be bold

While researching other fightsport events and interviewing the target audience i discovered that for a local boxing gala the participants actually sell the tickets. 

Therefore i decided to create a simplistic brandstyle, which makes it possible to put more focus on the fighters and give the fighters a toolset to promote their own fight in their social circle.


Creating a positive message

To underline the values of Battle League and also to make content before the final promotion material was ready i sure we already communicated our core values.

  • Winners mentality
  • Perserverance
  • Powerhouse
  • Sportmanship
  • Honesty, transparancy and fairplay
  • Teamspirit

Art direction

As a promotion we invited multiple fighters, from different levels, for a photoshoot. We wanted to include the fighters as soon as possible to make them excited, but also part of the process. We had an enormous positive response and alot of social promotion as feedback.


The End result

Promotional and practical


A website can and should be used as more then just a promotional tool. That is why i developed a fully functional event administration system to support the sales but also the offline check-in during the event.

  • 9Direct online payment
  • 9Online & offline ticket scanning system
  • 9Mailchimp integration
  • 9Live chat function

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