Slaying the multiheaded dragon and safe the day

Kinderopvang Wonderland offers professional daycare with 30 different locations and multiple brands throughout the Netherlands. And they wanted to merge them!

National Child Daycare website
My role
  • Style discovery
  • Strategy
  • Webdesign
  • Development

BackgroundFrom 25 styles to 1 brand

In 2020 Wonderland daycare was standing in front of a big challenge. They acquired multiple daycares, all with their own brand. With their communication team i went on an adventure to slay this multiheaded dragon and build a solid castle under one brand.

I combined and expanded their new brand strategy into an online experience that fits the user needs

A clear path for different target audiencesCustomer journey

I made sure that there were clear paths for the different types of personas and make sure they found the right path to complete their own goals by guiding them visually

The chosen direction

ChallengesOver 171 pages structured and generated

With a subject as daycare, alot of locations and audiences, there is alot of information to be shared. By making a clear structured sitemap and designing the pages by forhand i guided the client with their content development and sense of direction.

The End result

An adventurous website




Bounce percentage




Call to action for new parents


Guiding the audience to the right path


Using motion and shapes to make a fitting feeling


Playful imagery in action


Share values to create a connection


Clean Call to Action 


A menu with the most important Quicknavigation